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Links that don’t make sense on their own are bad!

Note: They are also bad for speech input users - but I ran out of time, so I’ll include that in Part 2!

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Welcome to Nic’s accessibility minute

Click here and read more links suck. So do any other links that don’t make sense in and of themselves.

It’s particularly difficult for blind screen reader users. Because they can navigate from one link to the next but if the link text doesn’t make sense, they have to explore the content around the link to figure out where it goes. It’s especially difficult if you have several of the same link in a row. For example you end up going tab, tab, tab and you hear “read more”, “read more”, “read more”.

It’s also a problem for people with cognitive impairments.

So, really, you want to make sure that your link text makes sense in and of itself.

And it will also allow you to satisfy WCAG criteria 2.4.9 and in some cases 2.4.4

So there you go!

Published on February 9, 2022