Nic's Accessibility Minute

Talking about accessibility, one minute at a time!

First Tik Tok!

I did it! Created my first short Tik Tok video. You’d think I wouldn’t really be excited about it, but I am. Excited about the upcoming series. Upcoming about learning a new platform. It’s all good!

Please note - captions available through the Tik Tok application.

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Welcome to Nic’s accessibility minute, a new series where I’ll be talking about digital accessibility, how disabled people interact on the web, the web content accessibility guidelines, and all that good stuff.

I’ll be sharing the knowledge I gleaned over the last very many years. And I’ll be talking about that in 1 minute or less! So we can learn about accessibility one little tidbit at a time.

I welcome conversations. I hope that you have a lot of questions, and we can get a conversation started about accessibility.

So, hey! Here we are and let’s get this going. Thank you

Published on January 17, 2022